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Incorporated in 2005, Dapu Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading global producer and vendor of time-frequency solutions. Based in Dongguan, China, the company maintains four cutting-edge research and development facilities in Greater China and the United States. The firm also has ten sales offices located in Asia, Europe, and North America. Dapu’s catalog features a wide variety of crystal oscillators, including several first-rate MCXOs, OCXOs, TCXOs, VC- TCXOs, VCXOs, and XOs. The brand also offers clock buffers, crystals, real-time clock ICs, circulators/isolators, sensors, LoRa solutions, synchronization chips, RF products, and microwave devices. The firm has partners in the telecommunications, aerospace, industrial, instrumentation Internet of Things, medical, positioning and navigation, and utility fields. Dapu designs and develops its products in a national-level CNAS laboratory it maintains in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The firm sets its precision timing offerings per the cesium clock frequency standard and tests its components with Calnex IEEE 1588 synchronization equipment. The company’s commitment to exacting quality has helped it become an internationally recognized brand in less than two decades. In addition, Dapu has devoted its resources to pushing the microelectronics sector forward through technological innovation since its inception. Because of that passion for innovation, the manufacturer has secured nearly three dozen patents in the last 15 years. The firm’s forward-looking instincts made it a market leader in the 5G time-frequency components segment. The company recently reaffirmed its position with the launch of several new fifth-generation mobile network circulators/isolated products. The brand’s latest portfolio additions have the ruggedness to stand up to challenging environmental conditions as the line possesses an operational temperature range of -40°C to 105°. The family of 5G devices also boasts a 2,500W peak power rating and a maximum reflected power tolerance of 250W. When it comes to time-frequency products, Dapu’s state-of-the-art offerings are second to none.