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Unictron Technologies Corporation specializes in the design, development, and production of antennas and piezoelectric ceramic components. Incorporated in 1988, the company directs its operations from its main office in Taoyuan, Taiwan. The manufacturer maintains manufacturing facilities in Hsinchu to serve its international client base. The firm’s expansive lineup features chip, patch, panel, printed circuit board, navigation, near field communication, and digital video broadcasting antennas. In addition, its portfolio also includes a range of piezoceramic ultrasonic actuators and transducers as well as circuit protection devices. Unictron’s partners operate in the automotive, beauty, consumer electronics, healthcare, industrial, networking, and telecom sectors. Over 30 years ago, Unictron began its existence as a humble electronic components vendor. However, the firm gradually established an exemplary research and development team and world-class manufacturing facilities to expand its portfolio. Because it invested in its future success, the brand has been granted or applied for over 30 patents. As the company increased its technical expertise and fabrication capabilities, its dedication to superb output standards has never wavered. Unictron still formulates its ceramic powder and directly oversees its production line to assure adherence to manufacturing best practices. For that reason, the brand has earned a reputation for putting out products of the highest quality. Unictron’s customers can also depend upon the company to regularly release new and multifaceted products. For instance, the firm’s GPS L1&L2&L5 TELA Antenna Module (EVB+NT15D) is an ideal addition to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) latest personal electronics projects. The navigation component has the capability to receive BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS, GPS, IRNSS, and QZSS signals. Therefore, OEMs will not encounter any regional compatibility issues when retailing NT15D GNSS-equipped smartphones, tablets, and wearables worldwide. Unictron’s catalog variety and product quality will enable it to become a major player in the global electronic components field.



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