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Carling Technologies, Inc.

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Established in 1920, Carling Technologies is a global supplier of circuit breakers, switches, and power distribution units. The Plainville, Connecticut-based firm employs over 2,200 workers worldwide and maintains factories in China, Mexico, and the United States. A vertically integrated manufacturer, the company prides itself on its excellent customer service, prompt product delivery, and groundbreaking offerings. Carling’s component portfolio includes hydraulic magnetic and thermal circuit breakers, multiplexed power management parts, electrical switches and assemblies, monitoring systems, power distribution units, and electric controls. The firm primarily serves clients operating in the datacom/telecom, maritime, ground transportation, military, and renewable energy industries. The brand addresses its customers’ needs with solutions fabricated in its ISO9001 and IATF 16949 registered production facilities. The company combines its 100 years of manufacturing experience and more than 150-person engineering workforce to develop cutting-edge components of the highest quality. Recently, Carling released its ST-Series Sealed Toggle Switches to provide harsh condition vehicle manufacturers with a new essential component. The firm designed the highly durable line to stand up to regular use in explosive gas environments. As such, the range is ideal for use in military equipment, armored vehicles, and law enforcement automobiles. The UL 60079-15 compliant ST-Series is also very versatile and comes in short, long bar, or paddle actuator styles. The corporation asserted its world-class status with the launch of its CLTM12-S solid state load controllers. The firm made the part for on/off-highway products such as vehicle headlamps and sidelights, and site and work lights. The component features reverse polarity protection, fulfills 100 V/m electric field immunity standards, and offers improved safety and reliability compared to the prior version. Though it is a centennial brand, Carling manages to stay ahead of the curve by always striving to find new and improved solutions for its clients.