California Eastern Laboratories (CEL), incorporated in 1959, is a vendor of world-class radiofrequency (RF) solutions. The firm conducts its operations from its Santa Clara, California-based headquarters. The company’s presence extends into the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. CEL specializes in developing and manufacturing RF components, integrated circuits (ICs), photodetectors, solid-state relays, laser diodes, optocouplers, wireless microcontrollers, connected modules, range extenders, attenuators, and RFIC switches. Its products have applications in the automated test equipment, Internet of Things (IoT), telecom, industrial control, lighting, networking, utility, and multimedia industries. The corporation has stayed in business for over six decades because it puts its customers first. The firm works carefully with each of its customers to gain an understanding of their specific project needs. Its skilled engineers then begin a comprehensive design, production, and testing process to find the right solution. Afterward, CEL’s staff provides its partners with the support necessary to enable successful technological integrations. Because of its extensive industry experience, the company can help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) tackle problems that seem insurmountable. CEL recently reaffirmed its status as an innovative product provider with the development of the CMP4020. The cutting-edge module features a dedicated wireless local area network (WLAN) processor that offers dual-band support. That characteristic gives it the capability to form 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) v5.1 connections. And as a highly integrated platform, the chip provides robust performance with minimal power consumption. In addition, the item has an operating case temperature of -20° C to 85° C. With those specifications, the CMP4020 is ideal for new smart home, retail point-of-sale system, automated building, asset management, online-enabled camera, healthcare, and connected infrastructure projects. CEL will remain a successful RF products supplier because of its devotion to the success of its customers.