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In 1902, 3M began its existence as a humble Midwestern mining concern. Today, the firm is a multinational conglomerate that employs nearly 40,000 people and operates 100 manufacturing sites in 35 countries. The St. Paul, Minnesota-based corporation operates four distinct business segments to address different markets, including 3M Electronics. The company’s powered device unit develops products for electronics, data center, displays and interface, industrial, and semiconductor manufacturers. The division specializes in making abrasives, chemicals, touch sensors and panels, and microelectronics components. Though not as well-known as the firm’s healthcare or consumer goods segments, 3M Electronics is a significant contributor to the brand’s bottom line. It is also one of the corporation’s most innovation-oriented businesses, continually working to make cutting-edge technology even better. The division has utilized its years of design experience to develop several optically clear adhesive solutions to optimize LCD and LED screens. The subsidiary’s CEF35 Series Contrast Enhancement Film provides OEMs with a way to make their foldable handset displays stronger and more temperature resistant. Furthermore, the unit’s Novec Engineering Fluid line offers manufacturers a range of material compatible and thermally stable liquid products. Whether a firm needs top-quality solvent, aerosol formulation, or power electronics immersion cooling solution, the company has the necessary item in its portfolio. The conglomerate also makes a range of Expanded Beam Optical Interconnects that feature strong dust immunity and high-performance capability. The division’s line of fiber-optic connectors is remarkably scalable, with designs of 12 fibers to 100 fibers. 3m Electronics also furnishes OEMs with test and burn-in sockets, tape and reel shipping material, and glass powders. The department stocks more specialized semiconductor manufacturing materials such as glass bubbles that improve flexible polymer chip stability. With its robust determination and a desire to advance technology, 3M Electronics is an important part of the microelectronics industry.