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Established in 1947, iNRCORE, LLC. specializes in the development and production of ruggedized electronic components. The firm maintains its corporate headquarters and central manufacturing facility in Bristol, Pennsylvania. The company’s presence extends throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, France, India, Singapore, and China. iNRCORE primarily serves the aerospace, military, transportation, space electronics, medical, electric vehicle, mining, and utility industries. The company’s portfolio features power inductors, common mode chokes, transceiver modules, data bus couplers, baluns, delay lines, and a variety of transformers. Throughout its 73 year history, the company has undergone several major changes. Upon its founding, the firm operated as an electronic components vendor called Technitrol, Inc. Subsequently, it evolved into a corporation called Pulse, became part of Yageo, and recently rebranded as iNRCORE. One thing that has never changed is the company’s commitment to producing highly durable products for its clients. The firm understands its customers need magnetic components that can perform mission-critical functions in the harshest environments. Accordingly, iNRCORE has strived to regularly refresh its catalog with industrial solutions that provide value and dependability. The company also offers testing and customization services to meet each of its partner’s unique needs. iNRCORE’s laser-focus on manufacturing excellence and customer service allowed it to work with corporations like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon Technologies, Airbus, Honeywell, and BAE Systems. The firm’s dedication to making ruggedized components of the highest quality is evident in its PL1170T SMT Current Sense Transformer. The device features Level 1 moisture sensitivity, a 50kHz to 500kHz frequency range, and a current rating of up to 15A. The item also boasts a modest 14.6mm x 12.6mm footprint and a maximum reflow temperature of 235°C. iNRCORE will continue to provide manufacturers worldwide with top-flight electronic components strong enough to operate in the harshest environments.