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ZOWIE is a leading designer, developer, and vendor of world-class eSports equipment. Founded in 2008, the company became part of the BenQ Group in 2015. The firm’s parent corporation is based in Taipei, Taiwan. ZOWIE specializes in producing monitors, computer mice, cable management systems, mouse feet, keyboards, mousepads, and audio systems. The company also manufactures a range of special edition products for elite pro gaming athletes. Though hard to imagine now, ZOWIE began its life back when eSports was not yet a cultural force. In the late 2000s, the firm’s entire workforce consisted of three people, and its lineup only featured one item. However, over time, the company refined its methodologies and expanded its design expertise. Its continued hard work resulted in the production of gear that optimized the experience of playing several popular titles. Five years ago, the firm reached a new plateau by merging with BenQ. The two companies initially collaborated on the development of the first liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor explicitly made for gamers. Following that initial success, the firms realized they shared a passion for quality and a desire to push the eSports gear sector forward. That epiphany led to a tie-up between the two businesses and ZOWIE becoming BenQ’s premium gaming equipment brand. Although the firm is now a subsidiary of a larger corporation, ZOWIE still has the hunger of a young startup. To that end, the company consistently releases new, convention-defying offerings. For example, the manufacturer recently unveiled its XL2546S monitor, which is a must-buy for serious gamers. The product features a 24.5-inch 1080p display, a 240Hz refresh rate, and the firm’s trademark DyAC+ motion blur reducing technology. It is the caliber of a tool that allows top-rated athletes to operate at the highest level of play. ZOWIE’s multi-decade spanning commitment to producing eSports gear of the highest quality will ensure its place at the forefront of its industry.