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Founded in 1977, the Yageo Corporation has risen to become one of the world’s largest passive components makers. The Taipei, Taiwan-based company employs almost 17,000 people worldwide and maintains 19 manufacturing facilities in its home region and mainland China. With market capitalization of over $169 billion, the firm stands as one of the global leaders in microelectronics fabrication. Yageo has partnered with businesses operating in the transportation, consumer electronics, power and energy, smart manufacturing, and telecommunications fields. Yageo serves a broad range of ODMs, OEMs, and EMS providers with its robust portfolio of chip resistors, circuit protection parts, inductors, MLCCs, and wireless devices. The corporation has established itself as a consistent market leader because it is not afraid of fundamental transformation. The company is capable of recognizing, analyzing, and responding to industry trends to grow its revenue and expand its reach. As such, it has found significant success embracing emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), 5G data networks, and equipment automation. Yageo’s automotive-grade SR line of anti-surge chip resistors embodies that drive for innovation. The series has superior pulse loading performance, high reliability and stability, and maximum narrow tolerance of 0.5 percent. As such, the range is ideal for application in vehicle lighting systems, power trains, and infotainment cockpits. Likewise, the firm’s PA Series low-profile metal current sensors are a fantastic solution for consumer electronics manufacturers. Available in a host of different case sizes, these components provide ultralow resistance value starting at 1mΩ. Since the line has a 30 percent lower profile than the prior generation, it can be utilized in quick chargers, smartphones, and wearable device production. In addition, the brand’s commitment to versatility is reflected in its TVS circuit protection components. The company constructed the series with an exceptional voltage range of 5 to 600V. Accordingly, industry providers can implement them into their power supply, industrial equipment, and factory monitoring offerings. Yageo’s adaptability made it one of today’s global electronic components leaders, and that quality will assure its success going forward.