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    Founded in 1951, WAGO Corporation is a global leading provider of interconnect products. The firm employs more than 7,500 people worldwide to support its operations. The company is headquartered in Minden, Germany, and its presence extends throughout Europe and into the Americas, South Africa, Asia, and Australia. WAGO has clients in the building automation, railway, power engineering, automotive, manufacturing, lighting, marine, cybersecurity, and energy management industries. Its catalog features printed circuit board (PCB) interconnects, power supplies, signal conditioners, panel feedthrough solutions, switches, relays, protection devices, terminal block systems, wire and splicing connectors, touch panels, controllers, current transformers, and optocouplers. Decades ago, WAGO began its existence as an enterprising family-owned business. The firm established itself in the global marketplace by introducing a screwless spring clamp connector. In pioneering that technology, the corporation made a name for itself as a revolutionary components manufacturer. Since then, it affirmed its status as an innovative provider by releasing Cage, Push-In, Push Wire, and Power Cage Clamp interconnect products. Despite its growth, the manufacturer still operates under the family-centric ethos that it had upon its founding. That means the company treats its suppliers and team members as respected partners. And it continually strives to develop new and revolutionary products for its customers. For example, WAGO recently added a series of Lean Managed Switches to its portfolio. Each item in the line comes embedded with Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol and Ethernet Ring Protection Switching for enhanced network redundancy. The product family has built-in firewalls and port mirroring capability. And the items, available in 8 and 16 port varieties, offer 1Gbps transfer rates per port. The company’s Lean Managed Switches also feature ruggedized housings, which makes them ideal for deployment in harsh industrial environments. WAGO will continue to thrive because its core motivation is ensuring the success of its customers.


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