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Founded in 1933, Vitrohm is a world-class vendor of power resistors. Since 2004, the firm has been an independent business unit within the Yageo Corporation. Originally based in Copenhagen, Denmark, it now conducts its operations from its Cascais, Portugal complex. The company currently employs over 200 people as part of its engineering, production, and logistics teams. Vitrohm’s products have applications in the automotive, industrial, home appliance, renewable energy, lighting, and power supply sectors. The firm offers a range of through hole wire wound resistors in ceramic case, coated, molded, vitreous enamel, and aluminum housed varieties. Its catalog also features SMD, current sensor, and jumper resistors. Vitrohm began its life as a pioneering vendor of electronic parts. Together, engineer Alex Haynman and industrialist Poul Kingo-Pedersen played a role in introducing Denmark to electrical technology. Because of their combined scientific gifts and business acumen, the venture proved successful, and it expanded rapidly. Over the following decades, the firm established an international presence and a reputation for releasing innovative and reliable electronic components. In 1996, it joined Yageo and became a globally recognized parts supplier. Today, the company's employees strive to honor its founders by regularly launching compelling new products. One example of the Vitrohm commitment to excellence is its CRP precision wire wound resistors. The manufacturer developed the series specifically for design projects that require high pulse components. The product family can withstand pulse voltages of up to 6V and comes in assortments with 1W to 5W power ratings. The line features a ceramic core, fireproof lacquer coating, and a resistance range of 0R1 to 5K1. Vitrohm also makes its CRP resistors available in 0309, 0410, 0613, and 0818 form factors to minimize space consumption. For nearly 90 years, the name Vitrohm has been synonymous with first-rate and multifaceted resistors. Its current leaders and workers will ensure that association continues for decades to come.