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Established in 1998, TRINAMIC Motion Control, a Maxim Integrated company, specializes in transforming computer data into precise physical movement. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the manufacturer maintains facilities in China, North America, and Northern Europe. The firm serves its global client base with a sales network that extends across six continents. TRINAMIC harnesses 22 years of engineering experience to design and produce cutting-edge integrated circuits, encoders and motors, modules, PANdrive smart motors, and custom products. The firm’s manufacturing partners primarily operate in the 3D printing, lab and home automation, and medical and healthcare industries. When Michael Randt founded TRINAMIC 22 years ago, he sought to solve a problem he kept encountering as an engineer. The executive observed the semiconductor industry kept trying to address motion control bottlenecks with new software. However, Randt understood the path forward lay in developing cutting-edge hardware solutions. To that end, the founder established a company that can make highly adaptable and multifaceted motors and motion control devices. The firm designed development kits that productize its expertise and enable manufacturers to optimize their projects quickly and easily. Following its recent purchase by Maxim Integrated, TRINAMIC directed its focus to developing a new generation of smart actuators. The company demonstrated its commitment to technological innovation with the release of its TMCM-1636 single axis servo drive. The electronic component can support three-phase BDLC and DC motors running up to 1000W at 24V or 48V. The item also features embedded brake control and overvoltage protection and offers hardware and firmware customization to fit users’ specific design projects. All of this combines to make the TMCM-1636 an ideal part for electronics companies working on new motorized tables and chairs or automated factory equipment projects. TRINAMIC will continue using its experience and manufacturing capability to help its customers realize the potential of industry 4.0.