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Established in 1957, Tokyo Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd. is a global manufacturer and supplier of electronic components. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the firm maintains four production facilities in its home region and two in China. The company employs around 800 people, and its presence extends into East Asia, the Americas, Oceana, and Europe. TOCOS's diverse and extensive offerings include angle sensors, film heaters, switches, capacitors, optoelectronic devices, and a host of potentiometers. The brand primarily serves companies operating in the agricultural, amusement, automotive, construction, e-mobility, healthcare, home, and office appliance, industrial, infrastructure, and personal electronics markets. Only three years after its founding, TOCOS secured a listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The firm’s meteoric rise is due to its dedication to two principles: continual new product development and increasing operational efficiency. The company’s focus on research and design led it to create a world-class catalog of electronic components, while its commitment to manufacturing optimization saw it become a globally recognized brand. Today, the firm regularly expands its portfolio with innovative new parts suitable for a host of applications. For instance, TOCOS provided its industrial machinery, medical device, and vehicle OEMs with a first-rate solution in the form of its RSM28 Series. The 360° panel mount no-contact angle sensors have no sliding electrical contacts, so it is not subject to related wear and tear. The line also offers a low load resistance thanks to its minimal impedance, and its detection angle is customizable. The manufacturer also makes it a point to launch improved versions of its products regularly. The brand’s RVQ24YN06 Series potentiometers offer the same precision acceleration detection as its RVQ24YN03 line, but with a 26 percent reduction in size. Therefore, the part is ideal for use in new electric scooters and farming equipment. TOCOS’s passion for excellence in design and production make it a true leader in the electronic components industry.



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