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A giant in the semiconductor industry, Texas Instruments Incorporated commenced operations in 1930 and holds patents on over 40,000 products. The Dallas-based firm generates over $14 billion in annual revenue from sales of its world-class analog and embedded components. The company employs almost 30,000 people across the globe and maintains 14 production sites in North America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. TI’s robust and multifaceted portfolio includes battery management solutions, switches, amplifiers, integrated production components, data converters, interfaces, sensors, timing devices, connected microcontrollers, and a range of processors. The company primarily serves manufacturers operating in the automotive, communications gear, industrial, personal electronics, data center, and enterprise computing industries. The firm has strong market positions in the factory automation, advanced driver assistance system, infotainment cockpit, smartphone, and wireless equipment sectors. Although TI is a successful legacy brand, the corporation keeps itself competitive by investing over $1.5 billion a year in research and development. As such, the firm is able to release a broad array of innovative microelectronic components on a regular basis. The corporation’s TPS546D24A DC/DC buck converters put out 40A of current in a sleek 7 mm x 5 mm package. The component also offers groundbreaking interconnected capability, allowing customers to stack up to four ICs for 160A from a single output. As a result, it has applications in high-performance enterprise data centers and wireless network infrastructures. The firm also recently launched the ISO7741E-Q1, the first digital isolator to secure a Grade 0 ambient operating temperature qualification. With it, engineers can create next-generation HEV and EV electronic systems that can stand up to 150° heat. The company also worked to ensure the automotive part had an industry-leading 1.5 kV RMS in working voltage. Because of its consistent drive to optimize component quality and capacity, TI will continue being a leading microelectronics brand.

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