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Incorporated in Schaffhausen, Sweden, TE Connectivity LTD. is a $13.4 billion company that employs 78,000 workers and maintains production capacity in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Since 2007, the corporation has provided communications, industrial, and transportation OEMs with innovative sensor and connectivity solutions. The firm is a leading light in the component industry, with more than 15,000 patents and 270 billion parts produced annually. Because of its commitment to technological excellence and product reliability, TE has client relationships in a wide range of fields. The company makes connectors, terminals, antennas, relays, sensors, as well as wire and heat shrink tubing for vehicle manufacturers. The firm’s industrial segment produces connector systems that facilitate power distribution, data transfer, and signal throughput in production facilities, HVAC systems, and elevators. In addition, the corporation supplies aerospace, defense, and petrochemical companies with the ruggedized components needed for their harsh environment operations. TE also designs, develops, and manufactures cutting-edge electronic parts utilized in telecommunications networks, computing devices, and home appliances. The component maker is dedicated to moving its sector forward and invests over $640 million a year in engineering and development. The firm’s drive to innovate has led it to craft a host of solutions with applications in several emerging technologies. TE’s MATE-AX miniaturized coaxial terminals support full vehicle automation by providing 9 GHz of RF performance with a maximum capacity of 20 GHz. The firm’s M3200 industrial pressure transducer is ideal for use in aerospace manufacturing because it can withstand extreme temperatures and piezoresistive effects. Besides, the corporation’s ruggedized Mini I/O connectors, which offer data transfer rates of 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, are enabling the digital transformation of contemporary factory environments. TE’s progressive approach to product development and diligent pursuit of quality makes it a worldwide leader in connectivity and sensor manufacturing.

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