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Established in 1935, TDK Corporation’s wowed its customers by manufacturing and selling the world’s first ferrite cores. The 85-year-old Tokyo-based conglomerate is now one of the world’s largest suppliers of electronics components. The firm has a workforce exceeding 104,000 people and factories in Japan, Brazil, Greater China, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, South Korea, and the United States to maintain its global operations. Thanks to its near-century of experience and a commitment to innovation, TDK is a leading provider in the ICT, industrial and energy, and automotive markets. The conglomerate manufactures ceramic antennas, batteries, filters, isolators, capacitors, inductors, surge protectors, magnetic heads, power supplies, and sensors. In 2019, the company harnessed its expansive portfolio, finely-tuned supply chain, and elite sales network to generate over $10 billion in revenue. The corporation ensured the continuing vitality of its brand by recently releasing the world’s smallest PDM microphone, the first SMD solid-state rechargeable battery, and a fully redundant TRM angle sensor. TDK keeps an eye toward the future and directs its research and development resources to the most exciting emerging technologies. By doing so, the firm developed a remote monitoring biosensor for elderly patients and a 6-axis IMU with IoT, VR/AR, and wearable device applications. The company also has big plans to be at the forefront of vehicle electrification and self-driving capability. The conglomerate believes automakers will borrow the methodologies of smartphone manufacturers when crafting their new offerings. By embedding their cars with upgradable software platforms, corporations will be able to improve their fleets’ fuel efficiency, handling, and ADAS features via periodic downloads. Because it has developed a suite of cutting-edge automotive components, TDK can facilitate digital transformation throughout the sector. In the 1930s, the Japanese manufacturer revolutionized the electronics field by unveiling the ferrite core. In the 2030s, TDK will likely help the auto industry realize its 21st-century potential.

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