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Founded in 1979 as a humble local manufacturing concern, Taiwan Semiconductor Co Ltd. has grown to become a global electronic components brand that employs 1,800 people. Over the past 40 years, the Taipei-based firm has earned a repetition as a first-class producer of power rectifiers. The company serves its global client base with ATF16949, ISO9001, and ISO14001 certified production facilities in its home region and China. Taiwan Semiconductor has thrived in an extremely competitive industry because of its devotion to expanding its core competencies. Currently, the firm specializes in manufacturing, analog integrated circuits, EDS protection devices, LED driver ICs, MOSFETs, power transistors, Trench Schottky rectifiers, and voltage regulators. The company is also committed to providing its clients with the application-specific components needed to address their design challenges. The brand has partnerships with firms in the automotive, computing, industrial, personal electronics, photovoltaic, and telecommunications fields. From its extensive electronic components industry experience, Taiwan Semiconductor knows regular catalog expansions are the key to success. For instance, the firm recently built out its automotive MOSFET catalog with the PDFN56U series. The AEC-Q101 qualified part family is available in single and dual-channel varieties and features a 175°C operating junction temperature. With a compact 5x6mm form factor and a wettable flank lead for automated optical inspection, the range is ideal for use in 12V vehicle systems and automotive transmission controls. The company recently introduced the TS19501CB10H, a single channel LED driver. The component can function in BCM, CCM, and DCM modes and provides strong current, voltage, and temperature protection. The controller has an input voltage range of 4.5V to 38V and an adjustable switching frequency of 70k to 700kHz. As such, OEMs can utilize it when crafting best-in-class turn indicators, low beam, fog, high beam, and headlight systems. Manufacturers looking to solve complex project development problems would be well served by partnering up with Taiwanese Semiconductor.