Based in Tokyo, Japan, Sumida Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer of electronic components and modules. Established in 1952, the company employs a workforce of 18,100 employees to fulfill its research and development, production, and sales operations. The brand maintains its world-class product portfolio with factories in China, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Romania, Slovenia, and the United States. The firm specializes in producing a wide selection of power and RF inductors, transformers, signal magnetics, sensors and actuators, power converters, Xenon igniters, antennas, and wireless charging coils. The manufacturer primarily designs and releases products for application in the automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, medical, renewable energy, and vehicle electrification markets. Decades ago, Ichiro Yawata founded Sumida as a humble coil manufacturing concern with a handful of workers. Over time, the brand earned a reputation as an innovative supplier of antennas and drum IFTs. The firm’s pioneering component miniaturization efforts helped popularize portable radios in the region. Although the company underwent substantial expansion and product diversification throughout the latter half of the 20th century, its commitment to designing and making groundbreaking electronic components never wavered. Today, Sumida is a leader in its field and has a global presence thanks to its shrewd M&A strategy. The corporation recently expanded its catalog with its CD54/DS Series of SMD power inductors. Notable for their unshielded drum ferrite core construction, the line boasts a 6.1mm × 5.5mm × 4.85mm form factor and an operating temperature range of -40°C to 105°C. Those characteristics make the family of products ideal for use as laptop CPU DC/DC converters. OEMs can also utilize the CD54/DS Series in their new LCD, smartphone, and solid-state storage device offerings. Sumida went from being a small business to a global electronic components giant because of its dedication to technological advancement. The brand’s trademark innovative instincts and entrepreneurial drive will facilitate its growth far into the future.