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Founded in 1917, SOURIAU - SUNBANK Connection Technologies, an Eaton brand, is a leading global manufacturer of interconnect products. Headquartered in Versailles, France, the company employs 3,200 people, including 200 research and development engineers. The firm manufactures components in its home country, the Dominican Republic, India, Mexico, Morocco, and the United States, and generates $350 million in revenue annually. SOURIAU – SUNBANK maintains its past success and future triumphs are the results of its core values. The company invests passion into its design, manufacturing, sales, and support operations and is demanding in its pursuit of excellence. The firm also strives to treat its partners and clients with enthusiasm, friendliness, and transparency in all matters. The company specializes in developing ruggedized interconnect solutions for the aeronautics, defense, energy, industrial, lighting, medical, space, and transportation sectors. Following its 2019 purchase by Eaton, the firm has directed its resources and expertise to craft innovative electric vehicle components. In addition to connectors, SOURIAU – SUNBANK’s catalog also features a range of backshells, cable assemblies, contacts, conduits, and custom products. Recently, the company extended its composite plastic offerings to include a host of electric wiring interconnect system (EWIS) accessories. As a result, OEMs can equip their aircraft with dust caps, shielding braids, and T and Y transitions that weigh 30 percent less than aluminum components without compromising quality. The manufacturer also recently introduced the 8STA series, a high-quality connector product explicitly designed for motorsports. SOURIAU – SUNBANK’s built these harsh environment components to withstand the shocks and vibrations of a Formula 1 track. Therefore, the line is ideal for use with pressure and temperature sensors, steering boss systems, electronic control systems, and data acquisition platforms. With its commitment to product quality and best-in-class customer service, SOURIAU – SUNBANK will continue to be a leading interconnects supplier throughout the 21st century.