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SG Micro Corp. specializes in the design, production, and marketing of analog integrated circuits. Incorporated in 2007, the firm maintains a global headquarters in Beijing, China. The company employs almost 400 people to facilitate its operations. SGMICRO has a robust and diverse product catalog that includes a wide range of amplifiers; analog-to-digital converters; buffers; comparators; high-voltage regulators; lithium-ion battery chargers; analog and load switches; logic ICs; supervisory circuits; and overvoltage protection devices. The firm also offers first-rate audio/visual, LED, MOSFET, and motor drivers. The company’s partners primarily operate in the automotive, consumer electronics, home entertainment, industrial automation, medical, mobile device, and renewable energy sectors. SGMICRO found success in the global microelectronics industry because of its commitment to innovation. The firm devotes considerable resources to its research and development operations to ensure its portfolio is consistently filled with cutting-edge offerings. Because of its diligence, the manufacturer has introduced over 1,500 analog IC components so far. ASPENCORE recently recognized SGMICRO’s dedicated and pioneering culture with a Top 10 China IC Companies Award. The semiconductor concern also knows that the key to continued growth is establishing a trusted brand name. Accordingly, the firm has very high production standards that include a rigorous quality assurance process. The firm’s SGM8091 Series rail-to-rail CMOS operational amplifiers have characteristics that are indicative of the SGMICRO's passion for technological advancement. The line provides high-speed bandwidth of up to 350MHz and offers a input voltage range of -0.2V to 3.8V. The product family is also very versatile as it comes in single, dual, and quad assortments in four small packaging configurations. The SGM8091 Series thoughtful design makes it ideal for use in professional cameras, DVD players, and telecom base stations. SGMICRO’s strong core values will ensure its success throughout its second decade in business and beyond.



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