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Rohm Semiconductor is a leading global manufacturer of integrated circuits, discrete components, power devices, modules, and optoelectronic products. Incorporated in 1958, the Kyoto, Japan-based supplier serves its client base with state-of-the-art factories in China, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, and its home country. The firm also maintains a staff of over 22,000 employees to support customers in Asia, Europe, and the United States. In its early years, Rohm made its name on the exceptional quality of its resistors and its first-rate customer service. Today, the conglomerate offers a much more extensive range of semiconductor products, but still provides its clients with exemplary support. The firm fabricates components with utility in the automotive, consumer electronics, communications, computing, energy, healthcare, retail, and robotics industries. The corporation specializes in producing a wide array of products, including amplifiers, memory modules, timing devices, sensors, microcontrollers, diodes, MOSFETs, capacitors, and LEDs. Not long ago, the company expanded its portfolio with the BD77501G, a high-speed CMOS op amp that can eliminate oscillations from load capacitance. Designed for consumer and industrial rapid sensing systems, the component can detect minute sensor signals in heavily wired environments. Thanks to those features, it can enhance the safety of vehicle motor control systems and Internet of Things platforms. Rohm also developed a cutting-edge software tool to help its partners find the components needed to facilitate their latest projects. The firm’s Solution Simulator lets manufacturers virtualize IC and power device verification. As such, clients can use it to create test circuits that mirror real scenarios, which can greatly reduce their development times. During the middle of the 20th century, Rohm began building a semiconductor brand synonymous with invention, reliability, and product excellence. Because the conglomerate’s core values have remained unchanged, it will continue into the mid-21st century and beyond.

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