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Renesas Electronics Corp.

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Renesas Electronics Corporation is a leading provider of embedded semiconductor products. Though it only began operations in 2010, the Tokyo, Japan-based firm's 19,000 workers serve a global client base. The company has 18 subsidiaries across the world and has manufacturing facilities in its home region, China, Malaysia, Germany, and the United States. The corporation maintains a diverse portfolio of electronic components, including microcontrollers, power management devices, interfaces, timing and digital logic ICs, SoCs, SRAM, sensors, switches, and products for use in space and other harsh environments. The firm primarily focuses on the automotive, building and office automation, energy management, healthcare home appliance, and smart factory markets. Since its inception, Renesas has fostered a culture that values big ideas. The company’s employees continually conceptualize novel designs, optimize existing offerings, and connect systems and components in new ways. That forward-looking approach to conducting business enables the firm to introduce pioneering technologies and products regularly. One of Renesas’ most recent big ideas is its ruggedized, high-performance half-bridge MOSFET drivers. The HIP2211 and HIP2210 feature a maximum bootstrap voltage of 115VDC, a typical propagation delay of 15 ns, and robust noise tolerance. Those characteristics make the line ideal for use in the telecom and next-generation micro-mobility industries. The company recently unveiled the ZSSC4132, a single package sensor signal conditioner with an embedded certified LIN v2.2a interface. The component’s compact design makes it a cost-effective option for manufacturers of electric and hybrid vehicle HVAC systems. This best-in-class device has input sensitivity that provides ±0.5 percent accuracy with an operational temperature range of -40°C to 150°C. Renesas also introduced the ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality Platform in 2020. Powered by a cutting-edge artificial intelligence program and featuring a host of state-of-the-art odor sensors, the system keeps smart homes properly ventilated around-the-clock. Because of its long-standing commitment to thinking outside the box, Renesas will continue developing revolutionary microelectronic products.

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