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Founded in 1992, Abracon, LLC, is a leading manufacturer of electrochemical timing components, connectivity solutions, and radio frequency products. The Spicewood, Texas headquartered microelectronics company operates ISO9001-2015 certified design and production facilities in its home state. A brand with a global reach, the firm ships over 300 million parts to 25,000 clients across the world every year. Abracon fabricates components for application in a range of different industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, digital media players, networking, and utilities. The firm is also a supplier of parts that support a host of different Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. The company specializes in producing timing and synchronization, RF and connectivity, and power and energy components. The firm’s frequency control portfolio includes quartz crystal MCUs, MEMS, and voltage and oven-controlled oscillators. The brand’s passive parts offerings feature antennas, RFIDs, SAW filters, and Bluetooth modules. Moreover, Abracon’s energy solutions catalog is comprised of world-class power inductors, wireless charging coils, ferrite beads and chips, and capacitors. One of Abracon’s operational imperatives is to regularly release novel products to help its partners tackle tomorrow’s challenges. For instance, the manufacturer recently debuted a new series of Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antennas designed for use in connected medical devices. Using the components, OEMs can develop cost-competitive patient tracking wearables, point-of-care equipment, and surgical robots. In addition to enabling medical facility updating, the line allows companies to manufacture remote healthcare tools suitable for the post-coronavirus pandemic era. Abracon also strives to increase its portfolio size and areas of expertise with strategic acquisitions. Recently, the firm purchased ILSI America, LLC, a market-leading frequency control product manufacturer. As a result, the company now offers a range of renowned time and synchronization components to new and existing clients. By maintaining supply chain flexibility, constructing a global distribution network, and pursuing game-changing new technologies, Abracon has assured its status as an industry-leading innovator.

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