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APEM Components, Inc., established in 1952, is a world leader in the human-machine interface (HMI) manufacturing sector. Headquartered in Caussade, France, the company’s presence extends into ten countries across five continents. The corporation employs over 1,200 people worldwide and maintains production facilities in Asia, Europe, North Africa, and the United States. APEM’s products have applications in the agricultural, logistics, defense, emergency stop, security, construction, and industrial markets. The firm’s portfolio includes membrane, pilot light, buzzer, pushbutton, panel, Hall effect, printed circuit board (PCB), micro, rotary, tactile, industrial control, slide, miniature, rocker, and toggle switches. The company also makes and sells trackballs, joysticks, and light-emitting diode (LED) indicators. In the aftermath of World War II, Jean Rogero sought to aid in the reconstruction of France. He realized his home country needed high-quality but affordable electronic components to keep newly imported industrial equipment in working order. Rogero addressed that need by launching APEM as a vertically integrated manufacturing business to oversee its operations directly. As a result, the firm gained a reputation for having a wide product variety and exceptional production quality. While APEM has grown into a multinational (HMI) vendor, it still strives to live up to its founder’s example. For that reason, the company strictly controls every stage of its product development, from tooling to final inspection. The firm also works diligently to design and fabricate innovative products that meet the exacting requirements of contemporary manufacturers. One new addition of APEM’s lineup is its FNR Series rockers switches. The firm worked hard to create a product that prioritizes user comfort without sacrificing utility. The result is an ergonomic, highly intuitive component that is completely watertight and offers precise forward and reverse motion. The FNR line is also highly durable as it boasts a million cycle B10d value. APEM’s knowledge base, production resources, and unfailing quality standards will see it remain a best-in-class HMI provider for decades to come.



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