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Positronic Industries, Inc.

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Based in Springfield, Missouri, Positronic Industries, Inc. is a world-class provider of premium power and signal connectors. Founded in 1966, the company serves its clients with a global workforce and factories in the United States, France, Singapore, and India. The firm built its rock-solid brand by assuring clients its products possess exemplary quality and longevity. A market leader, Positronic develops and builds components that are used in the aerospace and defense, datacom and telecom, industrial, medical, and transportation sectors. Accordingly, the company understands its connectors must continually meet expectations because they facilitate critical systems that cannot fail. The firm has robust manufacturing capability, including automatic precision contact machining, connector assembly, injection molding, plating, and stamping. Also, the corporation’s quality assurance laboratories can perform tests to CUL, EIA, IEC, UL, military, and client specified requirements. The vertically integrated manufacturer’s portfolio features cable assemblies as well as circular, D-subminiature, environmental, fiber-optic, hermetic, power, rectangular, and thermocouple interconnects. Though geographically dispersed, Positronic’s team has dedicated themselves to a singular vision of providing value, design flexibility, innovation, and unmatched reliability. The company’s core values are evident in each one of its new product launches. Recently, Positronic unveiled a series of lightweight aluminum backshells that are compatible with its d-subs. Available in straight and side exit configurations and low-profile designs, the line is ideal for use in projects with tight space constraints. In addition, the firm made these components, which are available in a range of shell sizes, with an eye toward performance and durability. The corporation also crafted these backshells to maximize internal area to facilitate harness assembly. Positronic’s commitment to developing best-in-class interconnect components has made it a successful brand for 54 years. And its diligence in finding innovative new solutions to address its clients’ needs will help it thrive for at least another half-century.