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Established in 1918, Panasonic Corporation is a world-class electronic device, industrial equipment, and components brand. The firm operates a network of production facilities throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe and has a global workforce of over 259,000 employees. The Osaka, Japan-based conglomerate administers 529 companies and brings in annual revenue of over $70 billion. To consumers, Panasonic is best known as a manufacturer of a wide range of cutting-edge products including batteries, telephones, microwaves, recording devices, media players, and various home appliances. However, the corporation also develops utility solutions, automotive and avionics systems, microelectronics, and next-generation fabrication, logistics, retail, and entertainment equipment. The brand's diverse portfolio is a product of its century-long commitment to innovating in every field in which it operates. In the early 20th century, the firm found success by producing double cluster light sockets that beat the competition on quality and price. Today, the corporation is a leading maker of state-of-the-art electronic components with a wide variety of applications. For instance, Panasonic recently released a secure IC product that enhances Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial device network security. The radiation-resistant, NFC-enabled offering generates and deletes unique IC keys, which prevents interception attacks. Therefore, it is ideal for use in smart factories, especially those manufacturing machinery or pharmaceuticals that require energy sterilization. Similarly, the conglomerate developed a time-of-flight (TOF) image sensor that utilizes avalanche photodiodes to capture highly accurate 3D information. This component records high-resolution and high-sensitivity pictures and videos with four times the pixels as a traditional sensor. It also provides robust ranging accuracy up to 250 meters. As such, the company’s TOF could become a trusted part of tomorrow's advanced driver assistance/autonomous vehicle operating systems. With over a hundred years of experience, worldwide manufacturing capability, and a drive to continually discover groundbreaking new solutions, Panasonic is a true giant in the electronics field.

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