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Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH, a subsidiary of the Osram GmbH, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of optoelectronic components. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, the brand began its life in 1999 as a joint venture with Infineon Technologies. Today, the firm’s parent company offers its products in 120 countries and maintains 26 production facilities worldwide. The heart of Osram’s catalog is its diverse selection of cutting-edge low, mid, high, and ultrahigh power LEDs. The supplier also offers a range of state-of-the-art infrared emitters, lasers, photoresistors, and optical sensors. The firm primarily develops forward-looking products for the automotive, general lighting, industrial, telecom, visualization, and wearables sectors. The company maintains a rigorous quality control system to ensure it releases best-in-class semiconductor products to the global marketplace. Osram is also deeply committed to technological advancement and spends over $400 million annually on research and development. The conglomerate holds over 15,000 patents and makes a host of new design copyright filings every year. The brand focus on pioneering new technologies has garnered it global visibility. One of the optoelectronics firm’s key innovations, the phosphor conversion LED, is licensed by over 20 LED manufacturers. Osram once again pushed the field forward with the Oslon Piccolo power IR emitter. The manufacturer worked entirely to produce a component family small and robust enough for in use next-generation vehicle gesture control platforms. With a footprint of 1.6mm x 1.6mm x 0.81mm and maximum output power of 1.15W at 1A, the line is ultra-compact without sacrificing optical power. The series gives OEMs design versatility as its available in 850nm and 940nm assortments. The Oslon Piccolo line’s operating temperature range of -40°C to 105°C tops the requirements of the AEC-Q102 standard. In the opto semiconductor field, Osram’s offerings stand alone in terms of quality, variety, and innovation.