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Incorporated in 1948, Omron Corporation is a leading provider of industrial automation components, equipment, and systems. Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, the firm provides products and services to clients in over 120 countries and regions. The company sustains its operations with more than 28,000 employees and manufacturing facilities in China, Japan, and the Netherlands. In addition to providing factory digitization tools, Omron is also a supplier of products that enable seamless exchanges between people and machines. The firm develops solutions for the automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, public transport, and utility industries. Because of its passion for innovation, the company offers cutting-edge connectors, image sensors, relays, and switches. Since its founding, Omron has strived to pioneer the technological solutions the future demands. That ethos has driven it to develop the world’s first electronic ticket gate and innovate new versions of the ATM, desktop calculator, and digital blood pressure monitor. The company’s drive to improve society through technological advancement is evident in its latest product releases. Recently, the corporation expanded its lineup of PCB power relays with the G2RL-1 series. The component line is highly versatile, featuring single and double pole varieties, as well as high-capacity and high-sensitivity versions. The device family also has an ambient operating temperature range of -40° to 85° with no icing or condensation. Best of all, its 15.7 mm height makes it ideal for utilization in miniature tools. Omron has also developed an entire lineup of contactless sensors that directly address the sanitary concerns of the modern era. Using state-of-the-art body and hand detection technology, the firm's products allow for the development of innovative hygiene, medical testing, and workplace appliances. Future offices will require no-touch temperature scanners, hand sanitizer dispensers, printers, and copiers. As it always has, Omron will provide the components needed to facilitate the world of tomorrow.

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