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Analog Devices, Inc.

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Founded in 1965, Analog Devices, Inc. is a leading supplier of advanced analog, DSP, and mixed-signal integrated circuits. Based in Norwalk, Massachusetts, the company employs around 16,400 problem solvers in over 30 countries to serve over 125,000 customers. A multibillion-dollar brand with a reach that spans the globe, the firm has regional headquarters in China, Germany, Ireland, Japan, and the United States. Analog Devices’ clients primarily operate within the industrial, communications, automotive, consumer products, and aerospace and defense markets. The company has over 4,700 patents, and its catalog features about 45,000 SKUs. The brand specializes in creating amplifiers; AC and DC converters; clock and timing devices; power monitoring, control, and protection equipment; processors and microcontrollers; sensors and MEMS; as well as switches and multiplexers. The company has grown into an industry-leading electronic components vendor because of its singular focus on helping its clients resolve their most daunting engineering challenges. The firm maintains first-rate research and design teams all over the world to develop tomorrow’s microelectronics solutions. With that goal in mind, the brand recently increased its technological resources and portfolio by acquiring Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. As a result of the deal, Analog Devices can harness the expertise of 10,000 engineers to pursue $60 billion in market opportunities. The manufacturer also regularly launches new products that directly address the practical challenges associated with today’s hottest emerging technologies. For instance, the company recently announced the release of its ADRV9002 radiofrequency transceivers. The world-class devices offer robust -150dBc/Hz dynamic range and can decode both wideband and narrowband transmissions. The line also operates at 30MHz and 6GHz and is capable of handling voice, data, imaging, or video signals. Thanks to the company’s forward-thinking design process, ADRV9002 RF transceivers are ideal for application in private LTE networks and emergency response radios. Analog Devices’ keen market instincts and pioneering culture will ensure its place among the world’s elite electronic components makers.

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