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NIC Components Corp.

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Founded in 1982, Melville, New York-based NIC Components Corp. is a leading manufacturer of passive electronic parts. The corporation has a global supply chain to service its worldwide client base and operates factories in China, Japan, and Taiwan. The company holds customer service as a core brand value and maintains a running inventory of around 3 billion components. NIC’s core business is designing and producing aluminum electrolytic capacitors. However, it offers a wide range of condensers as well. The company provides ceramic, DC film, tantalum capacitors as well as thin and thick film resistors. The firm is also a supplier of ferrite chip beads, power inductors, filters, USB connectors, power relays, resistors, and RF components. As NIC utilizes design, production, and raw material expertise in its development process, the manufacturer can prioritize quality control and facilitate technological dissemination. The brand has ensured a high standard of fabrication by cultivating decade-spanning supplier partnerships. Despite operating in a rapidly evolving industry, NIC has continually expanded its market position because of its devotion to modernization. The corporation’s NSPE-TJ Series high ripple current rated hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors represent a meaningful iteration in electronic component development. The line has an operational temperature range of -55́° to 125° and an extended maximum heat lifetime of 4,000 hours. Similarly, the manufacturer’s NPIM_LP Series power inductors possess a robust build and a broad capacity scope of 0.24 to 4.7μH. The firm also designed the line with an eye toward discreetness; these parts have an ultra-low profile of 1.0 to 1.2mm. NIC’S AEC-Q200 qualified NCST-A Series automotive current ship resistors are a meaningful addition to the vehicle component field. The product range has a power rating up to 3W and functions for 1,000 hours at 85° with 85% humidity. Over the last 37 years, NIC has proved itself as a world-class manufacturer because of its unwavering commitment to quality.