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Incorporated in 1950, Murata Manufacturing Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the field of microelectronics design, production, and supply. The Kyoto-based conglomerate maintains manufacturing facilities in Japan, China, Europe, and the United States. At present, the corporation employs more than 74,000 workers to facilitate its global operations and fulfill its clients’ expectations. A multifaceted component maker, Murata counts buzzers, capacitors, connectors, filters, isolators, power supplies, quartz devices, resonators, RFID, sensors, and wireless communication modules among its specialties. The firm is a renowned innovator in the automotive, consumer electronics, energy management system, healthcare components, and home appliance industries. The conglomerate’s core brand values are delivering value to its customers and contributing to the betterment of society by releasing new and groundbreaking solutions. Murata demonstrated its commitment to pioneering new technologies and products with its BLM18SP_SH1 series ferrite chip beads. The company designed the line to address the growing number of electronic components used in battery-powered vehicles. As such, the range is 50 percent smaller than the previous generation while still putting out 1500mA of rated current and 600Ω of impedance. In addition, the manufacturer recently released the PRG03BC181QB6RL, a novel PTC thermistor. Harnessing its extensive experience making MLCCs, the firm developed the product to protect cutting-edge smartphones from excessive current damage. The result of the company’s hard work is the world’s smallest resettable fuse for application in handset and wearable production. The corporation’s engineers also found an environmentally friendly way to optimize automated factory equipment. The firm’s FORTELION 24V Battery Module is a ruggedized all-in-one solution that can power automated guided vehicles and service robots. Also, as the system utilizes lithium-ion cells, it can replace lead-acid batteries while providing improved safety and extended life. With its global network of R&D centers and production facilities, Murata is an incomparable provider in the electronic component and module sector.

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