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Founded in 1938, Molex, LLC began its life as a humble family business that manufactured moldable thermoplastic. Over the years, the Lisle, Illinois-based company evolved into a leading manufacturer of microelectronic solutions. Today, the Koch Industries subsidiary uses its 83 years of expertise and its production capacity based in Poland and India to serve clients all over the world. Molex is a supplier of connectors, antennas, cable assemblies, fiber-optic interconnects, lighting products, printed circuit boards, and sockets. However, the company understands the production process works best with collaboration. As such, the firm’s highly skilled engineers, designers, and fabricators work with clients to find solutions that suit their needs. Currently, the corporation produces components for automotive, consumer electronics, data communications, industrial, and medical applications. Molex strives to find solutions for tomorrow’s toughest challenges through continued investment in cutting-edge research and development. As such, the firm has unveiled groundbreaking new products such as its EXTreme Ten60Power connectors. Recently, the component won China Electronic Market’s “Most Competitive Power Device in China” award because of its configurability, slight profile, and robust signal and power integrity. The company’s LumaLink Optical Trace Cable Assemblies received top marks from Lightwave Innovation Reviews. The product provides full illumination, which makes cable maintenance and testing in a data center environment quick and easy. The manufacturer also regularly refreshes its portfolio to include devices that facilitate the deployment of the latest technological innovation. For instance, the firm’s Future-Ready Infrastructure and CoreSync Integrated Building Platform offers engineers a framework in which to develop smart buildings, automated factories, and next-generation high-performance data centers. In fact, the brand’s integrated hardware and software system can function as a loadstone for Industry 4.0. Molex’s pioneering spirit and ability to identify areas of opportunity made it a success nearly a century ago, and those same qualities will ensure its future remains bright.

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