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Mill-Max Manufacturing Corporation is North America’s biggest producer of precision machined interconnect components. The company operates out of its headquarters in Oyster Bay, New York. The firm, incorporated in 1971, makes its components in a 150,000 square-foot factory. The firm’s client-base operates in the aerospace, automotive, defense, fire safety, industrial, medical, mobile device, networking, and telecom fields. The company’s core products are its standard and custom machined pin interconnects. It also offers a selection of printed circuit pins and receptacles; DC-DC convertors; cable assemblies; battery contacts; industrial control devices; transistor sockets; power supplies, and fiber-optic components. As a vertically integrated vendor, Mill-Max controls the machining, electroplating, injection molding, stamping, and spring coiling of its components. That means the company makes all of its products under the strictest quality control standards. The firm’s business model allows it to provide expedited prototyping, short lead times, and dependable delivery. Mill-Max prides itself on being a customer-centric vendor. The company is committed to offering its partners with exceptional customer service and expert technical support as well as first-rate products. Its production facility houses more than 200 high-speed turning machines so that the manufacturer can handle orders for customized pins, receptacles, and terminals. The firm also serves its customers by regularly expanding its lineup with new high-grade components. For instance, the company recently unveiled the PR 699 Series spring-loaded pens. Mill-Max crafted the miniature component line to supply high current carrying capacity in a small package. In addition, the family of products includes surface-mount, solder cup, and through-hole versions to accommodate a wide variety of designs. The gold-plated item also offers a 1,000,000 half stroke cycle life rating. No matter how difficult a client’s interconnect challenges are, Mill-Max has the skills and resources to provide a solution.