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Established in 1932, Amphenol Corporation is one of the world’s largest interconnect manufacturers. Headquartered in Connecticut, the brand has a global reach, with production facilities in India, Mexico, and the United States; and it boasts over 74,000 employees worldwide. The company maintains leading positions in the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, datacom, information technology, industrial, military, and mobile networking markets. Befitting its varied business interests, Amphenol has a diversified and strong portfolio of microelectronics components. The corporation is renowned for its electric, electronic, and fiber-optic connectors. The company also designs, produces, and assembles high quality and affordable antennas, interconnect systems, coaxial and high-speed cables, sensors, and sensor-based devices. Amphenol’s components are used in the building of vehicle infotainment and communications platforms, broadband network switching gear, aircraft control and instrumentation apparatuses, factory and machine tool automation systems, cloud computing and data center equipment, uncrewed aerial vehicles, base stations, smartphones, laptops, and tablet computers. Throughout its history, the IC firm has been an industry innovator and spends $300 million annually on developing new products. The manufacturer also regularly conducts strategic acquisitions to bolster its areas of expertise and pursue geographically diffuse market opportunities. Amphenol has purchased 45 companies in the last decade and nine brands in 2019 alone. Recently, the firm released a new series of IP67-rated ruggedized SMA connectors that can stand up to extreme weather conditions. The corporation also launched a line of 12G coaxial adapters that operate at 12Ω and can help clients combine their legacy and emerging technologies without the need for costly, systemic overhauls. The company’s RF division also put out a 5G solutions guide that details how its adapters, connectors, and cable assemblies can facilitate the deployment of high-performance self-driving cars and robust mobile data networks. Person by person, innovation by innovation, Amphenol strives to fulfill its mission of connecting the world.

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