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Founded in 1983, Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. is a global brand that stands at the forefront of digital transformation. The company supplies a host of manufacturers with high-performance analog and mixed-signal products. The San Jose, California-based firm maintains a 7,100-person workforce and operates production and testing facilities in the United States, the Philippines, and Thailand. Most of Maxim Integrated’s clients operate in the automotive, communications, data center, consumer products, and industrial sectors. To that end, the firm has directed its research and development resources to design a host of state-of-the-art linear and digital components. The company’s portfolio currently includes microcontrollers, amplifiers, multiplexers, switches, and data converters. Recently, Maxim Integrated introduced a highly dependable and multifaceted low power MCU with robust cross-industry applications. In many settings where Internet of Things (IoT) network, chips risk developing memory problems due to high energy particle bombardment. The MAX32670, which features ARM Cortex architecture, protects the entire memory footprint and ensures optimum system performance. The microcontroller is ideal for deployment in smart factories, networked medical facilities, and other IoT-enabled sites. The component requires only 40µW/MHz to function, 40 percent less than other low power MCUs of the same generation. The MAX32670’s ultra-discrete form factor — 1.8 mm x 2.6mm WLP — makes it perfect for design challenges with severe space limitations. Nearly 40 years ago, a group of IC experts came together to establish a company built on their shared values of innovation, bold thinking, and achievement through unity. Within two years, the company won an industry award and established a reputation as a groundbreaking component provider. Today, the firm honors its founders by releasing products that enable the functionality of numerous transformative smart devices. Tomorrow’s game-changing connected devices, including self-driving cars and medical wearables, will house Maxim Integrated’s innovative solutions.

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