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Headquartered in San Jose, California, Lumileds Holding BV specializes in the manufacturing of lighting products. The brand began its life as a joint venture between Philips Lighting and Agilent Technologies in 1999 and became an independent enterprise in 2017. The firm has a global footprint that extends into China, France, Germany, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, and the United States. Lumileds is renowned the world over for the quality of its chip-scale, color, single die, matrix, multi-die, infrared low, mid, and high power LEDs. The firm also makes a selection of bulbs, lamps, and modules. The company’s partners operate in the architectural, automotive, entertainment, healthcare, home entertainment, horticultural, IoT, mobile device, retail, and sports sectors. Because of its corporate heritage, Lumileds built its research and development apparatus on a foundation of over 100 years in industry experience. In its relatively short time in business, the brand has become an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance LEDs and innovator in the illumination space. The company has introduced the world to a host of groundbreaking halogen lights and high-intensity Xenon vehicle lights. Lumileds recently reaffirmed its status as an industry trailblazer with its LUXEON 2835 Color Line LEDs. The company's new offering features 11 distinct colors with 25 percent brighter red-orange and 6 percent more vivid red hues. Because of its luminosity, range, and dazzling color mix, the series is ideal for use in landscape lighting systems, wall washes, and retrofit lamps. The brand also expanded its infrared lineup with its LUXEON IR Domed Line emitters. The company designed the series intending to provide proper illumination for small, high-resolution cameras. The product family more than meets that criterion with that 1350mW of radiant power at 850nm wavelength (slight visibility) or 1450mW at 940nm (covert IR or invisible). The LUXEON IR Domed Line is a perfect solution for biometric scanners and surveillance platforms. Lumileds will continue pushing the industry forward with its decades of experience and cutting-edge development instincts.