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Established in 1927, Littelfuse, Inc. is a global supplier of power control, sensing, and circuit protection electronic components. Almost a century ago, engineer Edward V. Sundt founded the company after selling his car for seed money. Today, the brand’s workforce is made up of over 11,000 people, and it maintains 53 offices worldwide. The Chicago, Illinois-based firm serves its more than 100,000 end customers with manufacturing facilities in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Littelfuse generates revenue by developing and producing components in the automotive, consumer electronics, datacom, home appliance, industrial, medical, renewable energy, and telecom markets. Thanks to decades of groundbreaking in-house design work and strategic buyouts, the company has one of the world’s most comprehensive and deepest circuit protection catalogs. The firm also specializes in manufacturing ICs, MOSFETs, gas discharge tubes, and temperature sensors. In recent years, the company expanded its technological resources and portfolio by purchasing Monolith Semiconductor and IXYS Corporation. As a startup, Monolith made its name manufacturing silicon carbide power devices and electric vehicle charger components. In snapping up IXYS, Littelfuse increased its knowledge base and medium and high-voltage power semiconductor offerings. Because of its entrepreneurial spirit and hunger for innovation, Littelfuse introduces new and more efficient electronic components regularly. Recently, the manufacturer debuted the PSX series of high-speed fuses. The line boasts a maximum DC voltage rating of 1500V and a breaking capacity of 100kA DC. The family of circuit protection devices offers improved watt loss compared to the prior version and a compact form factor, which gives them remarkable versatility. The firm provides PSX fuses in bolted-blade, DIN-mount, and flush-end assortments to help its utility clients overcome their design challenges. With $1.5 billion in annual sales and more than 20 labs worldwide, Littelfuse has the financial and engineering resources to reach its centennial and beyond.

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