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Lite-On Technology Corporation, founded in 1975, designs, develops, and manufactures electronic components and devices. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the company maintains 38 production facilities across the world. The firm also employs over 41,000 people to facilitate its activities in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Lite-On’s leading-edge portfolio includes adapters, computer peripherals, enclosures, LCDs, LEDs, modems, networking products, optoelectronic components, and power supplies. The company’s key end-markets are the automotive, home appliance, head-mounted display, industrial, mobile device, smart building, surveillance system, and wearable fields. The manufacturer attributes its status as a global industry leader to its main business strategy and core values. Lite-On built its brand identity around providing its clients with fast, comprehensive, and dependable service regardless of their location. The company also carefully follows electronic component industry trends and strives to create products that address tomorrow’s market priorities. Because of its large engineering staff and extensive manufacturing capabilities, Lite-On can quickly bring its newest concepts into reality. One of the brand’s latest innovations is its LTSA-M67 (PLCC Mini) Series SMD LEDs. Thanks to its compact size and full-color assortment, the component is ideal for inclusion in vehicle lighting systems. The part also gives OEMs a host of design options as it is available in the luminous intensities ranging from 90cd to 2,800cd. Another highlight of Lite-On’s offerings is its LTV-3120 Series IGBT gate drive optocouplers. The product family boasts a peak output of 2.5A, a maximum current supply of 3.8mA, and a wide operating range of 15V to 30V. Moreover, the line can operate consistently at temperatures of -40°C to 100°C. As such, the LTV-3120 Series would be a quality addition to any new industrial/solar inverter or switch mode power supply project. Because of its devotion to customer service and sharp entrepreneurial instincts, Lite-On has unlimited growth potential.