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Lelon Electronics Corp.

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Established in 1976, Lelon Electronics Corp. is a developer and vendor of electrolytic capacitors. The brand serves its global client base with manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and sales offices situated throughout the world. The vertically integrated manufacturer is based in Taichung City, Taiwan. Lelon’s lineup includes a host of axial, flame retardant, radial, leaded, miniature, SMD, snap-in, and screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The company also offers first-rate electric double-layer, organic conductive polymer, and hybrid capacitors. The firm’s products primarily have applications in the automotive, cloud computing, power electronics, and telecom industries. One of Lelon’s distinguishing characteristics as a brand is its singular focus on developing passive electronic components. Though the firm’s product range is limited, the firm’s portfolio is recognized across the globe for its excellent quality. The company has also received praise for its exemplary customer service and design and manufacturing standards. Because of these attributes, General Motors honored the firm with a 2019 Supplier Quality Excellence Award. Another hallmark of Lelon’s business is its dedication to technological advancement. The brand regularly refreshes its catalog with capacitors that feature notable iterative improvements. For example, the firm’s LS-472M1H-A2530 aluminum electrolytic capacitor is a fine example of its prowess as a manufacturer. The snap-in terminal type component has a ±20 percent capacitance tolerance at 125Hz. The part is also robust enough to continue functioning for 2,000 hours at a maximum temperature of 85°C. In addition, Lelon’s made its VEJ Series capacitors available in an assortment of voltage ranges to suit client needs. The SMD line comes in 6.3V to 100V, 160V to 400V, and 450V varieties. It is ideal for inclusion in electronic devices with particularly dense PCBs. Lelon’s strong core values and dedication to innovative product development will fuel its success for a long time to come.