Established in 2006, Amazing Microelectronic Corp. specializes in producing shock protection devices. The firm, headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan, employs 123 people worldwide to serve its client base. The company maintains offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Japan, and South Korea. Amazing’s lineup features a variety of electrostatic discharge (ESD) devices, electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters, HDMI switches, RS485/RS232 transceivers, ESD shielded analog switches, and motion and interface controller integrated circuits (ICs). The firm’s target markets include the automotive, navigation, personal electronics, renewable energy, surveillance, and telecom sectors. Upon its founding, Amazing became the first professional ESD component provider in its home region. In the last 14 years, the company has made breaking new ground a part of its identity. Its seasoned engineering teams strive to design and develop products that consistently push the shock protection field forward. The electronics component supplier is equally motived in helping its partners realize their full growth potential. Amazing’s staff works diligently to gain a thorough understanding of the new design challenges its customers are facing. By doing so, the company can harness its resources to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions. Amazing’s passion for innovation enabled it to develop a host of new patents and a world-class product catalog. One example of the firm’s dedication to technological advancement is its AZ5B8S-01F ESD protection device. The product features a bidirectional clamping cell that prevents overvoltage damage caused by cable discharge events (CDE), lightning, and ESD. In addition, Amazing crafted the AZ5B8S-01F to provide a high level of performance despite its tiny form factor. The component offers an ultra-low capacitance power factor of 0.15pF in a 0201 dual flats no-lead (DFN) package. The part is also robust enough to operate in temperatures ranging from -55°C to 120°C. Amazing’s commitment to production and customer service excellence ensures its output will continue to live up to its name.