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Laird Technologies, Inc.

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Laird Technologies, Inc. was a designer, developer, and manufacturer of electronics and wireless products. The firm began its existence in 1824 as Birkenhead Iron Works. In 2018, Advent International acquired the corporation and divided it into three independent companies: Laird Connectivity, Laird Performance Materials, and Laird Thermal Systems. Laird Connectivity, based in Akron, Ohio, specializes in making wireless networking solutions. It employs 500 people worldwide and has offices in Malaysia, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Its catalog includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, cellular components, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and a host of radiofrequency (RF) antennas. Laird Performance Materials, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, offers standard and custom electronic device protection tools. Its products have applications in the 5G, automotive, and defense sectors. The firm’s lineup features inductors, precision metals, wireless charging parts, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) components. Finally, Laird Thermal Systems is a developer of thermal management products and has facilities in Asia, Europe, and North America. The company makes items for manufacturers in the consumer, medical, industrial, telecom, transportation, and analytical fields. Its portfolio comprises thermoelectric assemblies and modules, temperature controllers, liquid cooling systems, and custom offerings. Though they operate as separate entities, the three component makers share a passion for innovation. For instance, Laird Connectivity recently introduced the Pinnacle 100 Series cellular modems and development kits. Despite its tiny form factor, the device is compatible with Bluetooth 5, narrowband IoT, and LTE category M networks. In addition, Laird Performance Materials harnessed all of its engineering expertise to launch a new assortment of RF/microwave absorbers. To suit the individual needs of various manufacturers, the line is available in three distinct frequency ranges. Laird Thermal Systems also recently unveiled a new product, its HiTemp ETX Series thermoelectric coolers. The line provides crucial machine vision tools that need to remain operational in high-temperature environments.