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In 1959, the Kyocera Corporation began its life as an unassuming fine ceramics business with 28 employees. Today, the Kyoto, Japan-based brand specializes in producing state-of-the-art semiconductors and other electronic components and employs over 75,000 people. The global conglomerate maintains 298 subsidiaries spread out across Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. The firm harnesses its worldwide research and development ecosystem to develop new solutions for businesses and consumers. The company regularly releases new automotive, industrial, home and office appliances, information technology, personal electronics, renewable energy, and telecom offerings. The conglomerate’s diverse catalog features ceramic substrates; connectors; image sensors; GPS trackers; LCDs; piezoelectric stacks; printers; SAW filters and duplexes; solid oxide fuel cells; and smartphones. A customer-first brand, Kyocera works diligently to give its clients exemplary service and high-value products. To that end, the conglomerate established seven elite R&D centers around the world to craft the electronic components and devices that will power the future. The brand recently drove the medical device and scientific instrument field forward with the launch of its thermoelectric cooling modules. This line provides 2.5 times the responsiveness of current generation cooling components with double the lifespan. The series can bring internal storage equipment temperatures down from 95°C to 60°C in 4 seconds flat. Kyocera also recently unveiled a new 230V hot surface igniter. Ideal for use in residential and industrial gas boilers and furnaces, the component is robust and highly failure resistant. Made of silicon nitride, the part requires no specialized voltage protection, which makes it both versatile and cost-effective. In addition, the brand expanded its technological resources by acquiring Showa Optronics Co., Ltd. As a result of the purchase, the conglomerate will be able to expand its laser market portfolio meaningfully. Because of its keen entrepreneurial instincts and desire for innovation, Kyocera is one of the world’s premier electronic component brands.

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