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Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

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Alps Electric Co., Ltd. is a Tokyo, Japan headquartered conglomerate specializing in the manufacture of electronic devices. Incorporated in 1948, the company employs over 40,400 workers worldwide, and its microelectronics staff exceeds 33,000 people. The brand maintains 20 production facilities spread out across Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Alps Alpine designs, fabricates, and markets a host of electronic components with applications in a variety of markets. The company’s target sectors are the automotive, energy, gaming, healthcare, home appliance, Internet of Things, and smartphone industries. At present, the brand’s portfolio includes electronic shifters, human-machine interfaces, keyless entry systems, input/output control products, joysticks, microfluidic plates, potentiometers, power conversion modules, sensor network devices, switches, and worker condition monitors. Since its founding in the middle of the 20th century, Alps Alpine has endeavored to stand at the forefront of technological advancement. Early on, the conglomerate built its brand selling then cutting-edge television components like VHF tuners and rotary switches. As time progressed, the conglomerate kept an eye on the newest industry trends and adjusted its lineup to include floppy disk drives, VCR cylinders, and liquid crystal displays. Today, Alps Alpine’s catalog is headlined by state-of-the-art products like HSFPAR007A Force Sensors. The series boasts incredibly high sensitivity as it has zero stroke stress detection capability with 2 percent FS linearity. The line is remarkable for its robustness; it has an operating life of 1 million cycles and features a load-distributing design for maximum impact resistance. Moreover, the component is unaffected by magnetic and electrical interference. The HSFPAR007A Series is also 40 percent smaller than the prior generation of force sensors. Those qualities make the part ideal for use in styluses, industrial equipment, and precision robot appendages. Alps Alpine’s relentless pursuit of technological innovation will ensure its standing as an electronic components industry leader.