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Intel Corporation is one of the world’s largest technology companies. It specializes in the manufacturing of semiconductors and microelectronics. Based in Santa Clara, California, the brand operates 15 production facilities located in China, Costa Rica, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, the Philippines, the United States, and Vietnam. Incorporated in 1968, the firm employs over 110,000 employees to perform its research, development, and fabrication activities. The firm maintains an extensive and varied lineup of consumer offerings and end-to-end enterprise solutions. Computer and server microprocessors, microcontrollers, AI support hardware, flash memory, 3D XPoint modules, FPGAs, Wi-Fi cards, networking gear, small footprint PCs, self-driving car platforms, and cybersecurity software are highlights of Intel’s product portfolio. The company’s target sectors are consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and 5G networking. Intel’s corporate history mirrors the evolution of the electronic components industry over the last few decades. Initially, the brand found success as a manufacturer of semiconductor devices and logic circuits. However, the firm soared to new heights after it became the leading provider of desktop and laptop microprocessors in the 1990s. Although the company’s PC components are still its biggest revenue generator, it occupies a leading position in the data-centric market. The key to the brand’s over half-century long run of success is its commitment to technological advancement. The company invests over $13 billion annually in research and development to ensure its offerings are always state-of-the-art. Recently, startup RightHand Robotics used the brand’s hardware to make a major intelligent fulfillment machine breakthrough. The company employed Intel’s RealSense D415 Depth Camera to significantly enhance the piece-picking capability of its autonomous robots. The emerging business hopes to make warehouse logistics safer and more efficient worldwide with its RealSense powered solution. Intel’s strong desire to cultivate innovation and unparalleled financial and human resources will ensure its indelible place atop the global microelectronics industry.

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