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Incorporated in 1945, Harting Electronics GmBH & Company KG is a family-owned conglomerate specializing in the manufacture of microelectronics products. The Espelkamp, Germany headquartered brand operates 14 factories located throughout Asia, the Americas, and Europe. The company sustains its operations with over 40 offices worldwide staffed by around 5,000 employees. Harting’s diverse portfolio includes Han connectors, PCB components, RFID devices, system cabling, current measurement products, industrial Ethernet switches, electromechanical interfaces, and mechatronics. The conglomerate serves companies operating in the agricultural, automotive, food distribution, industrial, medical, renewable energy, robotics, and transportation sectors. Seventy-five years ago, Wilhelm and Maria Harting opened a small business inside of a repair shop. The Hartings understood the world would need high-performance technical products as the third industrial revolution took hold. The company began releasing a range of forward-thinking electronic components that led to the nascent firm becoming a globally recognized brand. One of the reasons the firm became so successful is Wilhelm Harting stressed the firm’s customers should never return any of its products because of poor quality. The founder’s commitment to precision fabrication and innovative design is evident in its present-day offerings. For instance, the company’s new Han DDD inserts provide robotics manufactures of a host of benefits. The component features twice the contacts of the previous generation but has the same electrical characteristics and size. As such, it gives design teams more space when crafting automated factory equipment. Harting’s 1A connectors are a multifaceted and low-profile Industry 4.0 solution. The product is capable of transmitting power, signals and data. It is suitable for two years thanks to its IP20 and IP60 ratings. The item also utilizes Snap-in technology to enable fast, easy, and economically viable assembly. Thanks to its high standards and pioneering culture, Harting stands as one of the world’s finest electronic component companies.