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Based in Sunnyvale, California, GSI Technology, Inc. is a global provider of cutting-edge memory solutions. Established in 1995, the publicly-traded firm employs over 150 people, including 108 highly skilled engineers. The company maintains facilities in Israel, Taiwan, and the United States. GSI Technology specializes in designing high-performance memory products for the aerospace and defense, automotive, medical, networking, and telecom sectors. The firm leverages its 25 years of industry experience to develop a host of first-class offerings consistently. At present, the brand’s portfolio includes 30 families of SRAM modules, including new high density, low latency, and energy-efficient assortments. As a customer-first supplier, the firm provides atypically long product support lifecycles and minimal lead times to ensure its clients’ success. GSI Technology also strives to maintain the largest high-performance memory catalog on the market to serve its partners’ needs. To that end, the brand unveils gaming-changing new electronic components on a consistent basis. Recently, the company unveiled its Gemini Associate Processing Unit (APU) technology, which features a processor design that integrates compute and memory on a single die. Created to handle large information loads, Gemini’s software and hardware stack can manage datasets containing up to 1 billion records. The innovation is also scalable and can be combined with multiple cards and systems to handle over 40 billion files. With memory bandwidth of 25TB per second and total power dissipation of 60W, the Gemini APU offers advanced processing and energy consumption capability. GSI Technology also offers two families of radiation-hardened SRAM products for its defense sector clients. The firm’s SigmaQuad II+ is available in 288Mb, 144Mb, and 72Mb varieties and performance of up 350MHz. In addition, its SyncBurst and NBT modules come in x18 and x36 configurations with up to 33MHz performance. Because of its commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence, GSI Technology more than lives up to its reputation as a world-class electronic components supplier.