Glenair, Inc.

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In 1956, Glenair, Inc. began operations and became the first manufacturer to make electrical connectors and connector accessories specifically. In the decades that followed, the company has diversified its offerings to provide an unparalleled selection of world-class military qualified and commercial interconnect solutions. The Glendale, California-based firm makes and thoroughly inspects its high-quality components in the United States, England, and Italy. Glenair proudly serves firms operating in the aerospace, defense, maritime, railroad, and telecommunications sectors. The corporation specializes in manufacturing circular, fiber-optic, fuel, hermetic, micro-D, and ultra-miniature connectors, among many others. The privately-owned firm also maintains the world’s most extensive standing inventory of electrical interconnect accessories, including cable assemblies, backshells, wire bundles strain reliefs, pipe thread adapters, dummy stowage receptacles, and protective covers. Because of its wealth of industry experience, Glenair knows how to produce innovative components that enable engineers to create mission-critical electric equipment. Glenair is also aware its clients require purpose-built interconnects and works diligently to supply them with cutting-edge products. The firm’s Series 80 Mighty Mouse fiber-optic connectors are ideal for aerospace applications because of their exceptional reliability and low insertion loss. Also, the line offers buyers the added design benefit of reduced weight and size. Similarly, the company’s Series 390 BacNav OFS backshells are a world-class solution for shipboard equipment deployed in especially harsh environments. Crafted to provide life-of-system durability, this product ruggedized delivers excellent electrical, environmental, and mechanical performance. The firm’s portfolio includes a full range of mass transit connectors that address the power, signal, and high-speed Ethernet needs of modern rail transport providers. Whether it is SuperSeal RJ-45 or USB interconnects, MIL-C-5015 standard reverse bayonet couplings, or multipole high voltage traction motor connectors, the firm has its customers covered. With quality as a core value and catalog variety as a brand hallmark, Glenair is a first-rate electronic component manufacturer.