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Established in 1983, Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading global supplier of LEDs and other lighting components. The Taipei, Taiwan-based company has a global workforce of 6,400 people, and its footprint extends into Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden, and the United States. The brand operates four manufacturing and packing facilities located in Greater China. Everlight’s catalog features a wide variety of LEDs, ambient light sensors, digital displays, infrared devices, lamps, lighting components and modules, optical switches, opto-couplers, photosensors, Schmidt triggers, solid-state relays, and triac drivers. The company’s products have applications in the automotive, gaming, home appliance, industrial, lighting, medical, mobile device, and visualization fields. Since its early days, Everlight’s main priorities have been providing excellent customer service and products of unparalleled reliability. The company addressed its first concern by hiring and training a staff of approachable and knowledgeable employees. And the firm achieved its second aim by establishing a highly efficient manufacturing process. Because of its dedication to service and dependability, the brand is one of the top companies in its sector. Everlight engaged with one of the world’s most pressing health concerns with its ELUC3535NUB of ultraviolet light products. The firm utilized sapphire substrate to make epitaxial and flip chips to facilitate thorough air, surface, and water sterilization. The line is available in 2mW, 10mW, and 30mW intensities so it can eliminate germs, mold, and viruses from sensitive medical environments. The ELUC3535NUB product family is also suitable for application in smart toilets because of its bactericidal treatment and deodorizing capabilities. The manufacturer also added to its automotive portfolio with the EL SMARTLED Series of interior vehicle lighting solutions. Equipped with an intelligent IC driver, the line provides vibrant colors and enhanced luminosity. Like a flashlight in a darkened hallway, Everlight has supplied crucial illumination for nearly 40 years.