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Edison Opto Corporation specializes in the development and production of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and related lighting components. Based in New Taipei City, Taiwan, the company maintains two factories in China and has a presence in Asia and the United States. Incorporated in 2001, the firm employs a staff of almost 900 people worldwide to facilitate its operations. Edison Opto is singularly dedicated to providing its clients with cutting-edge LED-based lighting solutions. To that end, the brand's lineup includes a variety of LED components, AC/DC modules, lighting strips, vehicle headlights, infrared and ultraviolet products, and outdoor/street, horticulture, and stage lights. The company primarily produces components for the automotive, civic infrastructure, exhibition, signage, and medical and scientific sectors. Inspired by legendary inventor Thomas Alva Edison, the company seeks to produce innovative LEDs of the highest possible quality. As a result, the brand has reached several technological milestones in its 19-year history, including becoming the first Taiwanese firm to create a 100W, 6000lm component. The company strives to further expand its knowledge base and portfolio by investing heavily in research and development. Edison Opto also painstakingly inspects each product it makes before shipping to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. At present, the firm’s catalog features several families of state-of-the-art automotive LEDs, one of which is its CA2016 Series. Available in cool white and neutral white varieties, the range is designed to minimize thermal resistance. As Edison Opto made the line with robust pin to pin compatibility, it can serve as a high beam, fog, and low beam headlight solution. The CA2016 Series also includes a PC amber color assortment that is ideal for application in turn signals. As Edison Opto made several important breakthroughs and expanded its international footprint in its first 20 years, its future is incredibly promising.