Dialight Corp.

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    Dialight Corporation designs, develops, and sells industrial light-emitting diode (LED) products. Established in 1938, the firm began its existence in Brooklyn, New York. Currently headquartered in London, England, its presence extends into Australia, Brazil, Singapore, and the United States. Dialight’s target markets include the manufacturing, warehousing, utility, energy, public and private infrastructure, mining, transportation, and utility sectors. Its offerings include industrial LEDs, lighting fixtures, components and signals, streetlights, control systems, and obstruction solutions. Shortly after its founding, the company established itself as a leading provider of aircraft instrumentation lighting products. But its mission changed significantly after the advent of the LED in the early 1970s. It understood the nascent technology potential and dedicated its resources to advancing its development. Today, Dialight strives to make the world a better place by making cutting-edge, energy-efficient, and sustainable industrial lighting solutions. To that end, it designs its products to help its customers lower their power bills, maintenance costs, and greenhouse gas emissions. Because of its commitment to technological innovation, the firm’s catalog features solutions for many applications. For instance, Dialight’s 559 Series snap-in LED panel mount indicators have a discreet mounting hole size and high brightness. That makes the line ideal for use in new datacenter servers and electronic testing and measurement instruments. In addition, the company’s 556 Series panel mount indicators feature highly durable packaging that can withstand rain and high-temperature exposure. The product family is suitable for installation in vending machines, buses, trains, and plants with those characteristics. The corporation also offers a product that can resolve design challenges related to maintenance stations and process control projects. Its 249 Series front and rear panel mount indicators possess the illumination intensity and ruggedness necessary to do the job. Dialight is dedicated to expanding its lineup to provide even more organizations with best-in-class industrial LED solutions.
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