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Delta Electronics, Incorporated is a global supplier of world-class power and thermal management products. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, the firm conducts research, development, and manufacturing operations worldwide and maintains 38 factories in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Founded in 1971, the brand now employs a workforce of 80,000 employees. Deeply committed to addressing the world’s most pressing environmental issues, the firm strives to make devices with best-in-class energy efficiency. The concern’s focus on ecological harmony has led to its listing on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index since 2011. Delta provides cutting-edge solutions for companies in the building and industrial automation, datacenter, display and monitoring, electrified vehicle, healthcare, renewable energy, and telecom sectors. The brand’s ever-expanding portfolio includes inductors, EMI filters, AC/DC adapters, current sensing resistors, transformers, switches, LED drivers, cabinet thermal products, and traction inverters. Over the last half-century, the company made itself into a multibillion-dollar brand through relentless, systematic technological advancement. The firm currently holds over 10,100 patent certificates and has 74 labs worldwide. It invests 6 to 7 percent of its annual revenue into its research and development efforts. The manufacturer also employs over 9,000 skilled and experienced engineers to fuel its pursuit of game-changing innovation. Recently, Delta unveiled new energy-efficient 5G and IoT edge computing and e-mobility products. Aware of companies’ pressing need for high-bandwidth, low latency throughput, the firm developed its all-in-one modularized SmartNode data center solution. The prefabricated and easy-to-use Tier II and Tier III data center platforms give telecom and cloud service providers the ability to rapidly scale up their processing capability. Delta also debuted a 100kW DC City EV Changer to meet demand for rapid vehicle recharging tools in metropolitan areas. Boasting 94 percent energy efficiency, the device can supply an electric automobile with 100kW of range in around 15 minutes. Delta is dedicated to using its resources to make society more environmentally sound via groundbreaking technological innovation.